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Chances of getting an EB1A approval


I am a postdoctoral researcher working in a national laboratory, and I want to apply for an EB1A visa.

Here are my details:

  1. 15 published papers (9 journals) among which I am the lead author in 14 of them
  2. 41 papers reviewed for high impact journals
  3. Currently, I have 94 citations with minimal self-citation
  4. I have won the outstanding researcher award during my PhD

I wanted to know my chances of getting approved if I apply for the EB1A visa.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

One Response to Chances of getting an EB1A approval

  • BlogSupport says:

    Hi Dhruba,

    Previously, it was possible to write a successful petition with your credentials. What currently concerns me is the number of citations, as USCIS officers are being more picky about it. I think the best way to figure out the current situation is to ask lawyers who are actively filing petitions and see what they say about the likelihood of being approved, as the situation is constantly changing. The fact that you are a lead author in 14 papers and that you reviewed papers of your peers is very good.

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