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Independent letter of support for EB2NIW?


I am currently preparing my application for NIW using your DIY package, which has been tremendously helpful!

I am still a PhD student, planning to graduate within the next year. I have 13 publications, 5 first author, about ~250 citations over the course of 5 years, and I can get 6 reference letters, which will help me to build my case to show that my research is of national interest. I am however, not sure if I can get an independent letter (someone who I haven’t collaborated with), how much would that affect my case?


One Response to Independent letter of support for EB2NIW?

  • GCforPhD says:

    Hi Jay

    We usually suggest at least one or two independent recommendation letters. In some cases this may not be possible. In such cases you would have to show sufficient evidence that supports that your recommendations are not biased. Please send us details of your case using the contact us link from the main page. We have a service to help review petition and recommendation letters.

    Best wishes

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