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Published Feb 3,2018 By D.sudhakara

This is Dr.D. Sudhakara completed Ph.D. from mechanical engineering from Indian university. I have total 12 years of experience in teaching in engineeering.

I have total 8 international journals and 9 national and international conferences.

I have hot got 1 international award “Innovative Technologist & Dedicated Teaching Professional Award” from Malaysia

for getting Green Card what category i have to do? plz suggest me and send sample document for preparing petition.

thank you sir.


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Tigran Kalaydzhyan
Tigran Kalaydzhyan
6 years ago

Dear Dr. Sudhakara,

If you were born in India, then, practically, only the EB1A category is suitable for you for self-petitioning, because the EB2-NIW has a many years backlog (see the first link attached). Currently, the priority date for Indian nationals is 08DEC08. Speaking of the criteria, the credentials you provided are not enough to say if you can prepare a strong case. There are many subtleties, such as, e.g., where these papers were published and whether or not you are the first author. So far I can say that you satisfy one of the 10 criteria for EB1A, see the second link below (3 required). You can probably find more materials after familiarizing yourself with these criteria (such as history of refereeing papers and level of citations among the most common).
You can download the sample documents by the third link below.

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