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Overseas Employment

Would accepting a job outside the US hinder the chances at succeeding on a self-petition? Facts of the case:

– Graduated with PhD in 2014 from University of Washington (Biostatistician with multiple publications, multiple (US and international) conference participation and awards)
– Home country has granted J-1 waiver
– Accepted position in Africa with the US-based CDC (Center for Disease Control)
– Family still in the US while I “commute” every two months between US and Kenya (entry is dependent on current trip focus: visitor or business (conference attendee)

Would it be better to be  a Post-Doc rather than working internationally for the CDC? At this time, there is no plan for the CDC to sponsor the green card process. 


One Response to Overseas Employment

  • GCforPhD says:


    Accepting a job outside of the US should not change your chances of success in a self-petition. There are several applicants who apply from outside of the US. When you apply for a self-petition you would mention the area of proposed employment, and how it would impact us national interest (NIW petition) or why you are considered a top expert with extraordinary abilities (EB1a petition). Your statement of work will mention your area of proposed employment and what you plan to do once you have a green card. You would also need to satisfy the USCIS regulatory requirements for the category you plan to apply. As long as these are properly met, you should not have a problem.

    Best wishes

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