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Eb1 a or Eb1 B Niw ?

Hello sir,
Accept my thanks for providing motivation thru this website.
Kindly advise me whether I am eligible for EB 1a or EB1 B or NIW.
Following is the summary:
Exp: 13 yrs +
Highest Degree: PhD ( Comp Sc)
University: Indian
Current Work Location : US
Designation: Data Scientist (in IT industry)
Teaching / research Ex : 9 yrs ( Indian Permanent UGC)
Publications: 6
Citations: 3
Patent: 1 (under exam)
Awards: Outstanding Achievement award ( from previous employer)
Certifications: 2
Testimonials : Can Produce
Workshops Conducted: 5 +
International Conference: Speaker for 2 + 

Seminars conducted: 5 + 

Current Visa: L1b
Validity : 2019

Kindly advice me asap.

Thanks in advance.

One Response to Eb1 a or Eb1 B Niw ?

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Mayura,

    Could you please provide a little more information (it will help to answer your question):
    [1] Were you born in India?
    [2] Do you have a permanent contract in the U.S.?
    [3] Are you the first author in those publications? Do the journals have the highest impact factor in the field?
    [4] Were other people using your work/research actively within the past few years?

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