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Research Associate

I have a question about working in private Industry. I am an Indian national and got my EB2-NIW I-140 petition approved last year- I will have to wait for many years to file I-485, because the dates are not current for Indian nationals… My current job in a non-profit research organization is not stable and I am planning to apply for reserach jobs in industry as a backup. Can you advice if I can move to Industry? NIW criteria specify that my job has to be of national significance and it is not clear to me if this still apply to future jobs. MIt may be difficult to demonstrate this for many industry jobs, as opposed to academic/non profit research jobs.

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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Sunil,

    EB2-NIW does not require a job contract, so you can leave your current employer. Please keep in mind that once you get the green card, it is advised to stay in a job that is directly related to your field, as defined in your petition, for 6 months. This way you will avoid unnecessary questions about misrepresentation while applying for the U.S. citizenship in the future. If you plan to continue research in your field, then I do not think that there is a difference between working in a non-profit organization/academia or in industry.

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