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EB1A eligibility?


Your experiences definitely provides a lot of encouragement. I wanted to know if my following profile might be eligible for EB1A for self petition-

– US PhD graduate, Postdoc at reputed university (6months),  4 publications, 17 citations, 4 manuscript reviews for 2 international journals, national fellowship grant during PhD,  5 oral presentation invitations in international conferences during PhD, numerous best presentation and abstract awards, outstanding graduate student award and international MD degree.



3 Responses to EB1A eligibility?

  • GCforPhD says:


    The list of credentials you mention suggests you can satisfy at least 3 of 10 USCIS criteria. In addition you would also need to show that your one of the top researcher in your field and your work has sustained national or international acclaim. EB1A should be possible.

    Best wishes

  • PKN says:

    Thanks for the response. Do your packages have example petitions for biomedical sciences PhD people applying for GC through EB1A? Do you provide with example petitions from the particular biomedical sciences field upon ordering your package?


    • GCforPhD says:

      Dear PKN

      Our general packet that is for purchase is not in the bio-medical field. However the packet is complete and sufficient to apply in the biomedical field as well. We had several applicants do this successfully. If you find it necessary, we can provide you with a few reference letters that were used in one of the recently approved bio-medical application.

      Best wishes

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