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Post-doc applying for green card from Canada

Published Jan 3,2017 By GCforPhD



I have recently done Ph.D. from US in July, 2017. I have produced decent publications and have around 120 citations. In addition to this, there are also some patents filed based on my research. I moved to Canada in September 2017, as I got a postdoctoral position at the university here. I am interested to apply for US green card, but now as I am in Canada, can I still apply. If yes, then how. In addition to this, I see your website is very helpful but I have a quick question, do you offer services just for drafting recommendation letters. I think that will be most difficult part for me. Also, what is the minimum number of reference letters required? What should be the focus of these letters.
Looking forward to your response.




Yes, you can apply from Canada. If you are using our packet, please follow the consular processing steps outlined in the document.

Out packets have more than 17 letters for niw and 17 letters for eb1a. These should help you in drafting your letters. We offer a review service, where we read through your petition and make quick suggestions. We suggest between 7 to 10 reference letters from well know people in your field. These should include some independent letters (with whom you have not collaborated but they know your work).

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