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my chances in obtaining EB1A

My credentials are in the following:

  1. MS and PhD from USA
  2. Have 4 first author and 2 second author publications in top journals in my field; 2 more to come
  3. Have collaborations internationally
  4. Reviewed 5 articles in top journals
  5. presented in conferences (in USA and abroad) 15 times
  6. 3+ years of postdoctoral experience in a top school and as a federal contractor at NOAA/NASA
  7. Since all my publications are recent (2014 on wards) and the size of the community is small, so far I have only 9 citations (these citations are from different countries). (This worries me)
  8. Teaching experience in high school (2.5 yrs) from my home country
  9. Can obtain 10+ recommendation letters from the best scientists in my field.

Please let me know my chances in obtaining EB1A

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