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I cannot decide the category that best fits my case (EB1A or NIW)

Published Sep 1,2013 By GCforPhD


Hello GreenCardForPhD team,

Thanks for the excellent compilation. I reached your website from random googling.

I cannot decide the category that best fits my case (EB1A or NIW). Any suggestion will be appreciated. My resume is attached.

I hold a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University. Besides I have two Master degrees

I have more than 10 publications in reputed peer-reviewed international conferences and journals

My internship work has  led to a patent. Moreover, the work that I did in my internship at a different is patentable.

I have presented my work in invited talks at both national and international venues including USA, United Kingdom, Germany and India.

I have teaching experience both in USA and India.

I have received the multiple awards demonstrating my scholarship.

I can also get recommendations from eminent researchers in my field regarding my past work and experiences, if asked for.


Your credentials look very good. You could apply (self-petition) in either EB1A or NIW. If you are involved in research at Microsoft, and your employer is willing to sponsor you, you could also apply in EB1-OR.

You would certainly need several reference letters, typically 7 or more.

For any of these employment based categories, you would have to clearly state the area of proposed employment (eg: computer algorithms etc) to the USCIS. You should demonstrate (with the help of your references or other means) that you are an expert in the field and have significant contributions that have already made impact or are expected to have high impact in the future.

You can look at some example petitions in EB1A or NIW to see how to prepare a self-petition.

Posted in Suitable Category NIW/EB1A

Self help packets

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