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Should I apply in EB1A or EB2NIW?

Published Mar 10,2014 By GCforPhD



Thanks a lot for your helpful website. You are benefiting the PhD group and the whole American society!

I’ll highly appreciate if you can help me out with the following questions, so that I can decide which package I will choose and put effort in:

1. Can I go for EB1A or EB2-NIW?

I feel my strength is being a combination of researcher and industrial expert which can greatly benefit the U.S auto industry:

(1) Academia:

I got my degree (doctorate of business administration) in August this year, specialized in International Business. My research was focused on auto industry management. My dissertation was about modularization in Chinese auto industry which can benefit auto makers like GM, Ford and Chrystler to become more competitive in the global market.  So far I have about 8 publications (international), was invited as a guest editor and reviewer for a few international journal.
(2) Industry:
I was a senior manager of a Fortune Global 120 company. I was invited by the King of Jordan for business discussion about investment in Jordan auto industry. My achievement was reported to the prime minister of China by the national news agent.
(3) Supporting materials:
Will include recommendations from the ambassador of Jordan, professors, colleagues, media report from newspapers,  journals and websites about my achievement in auto industry , pictures taken with the president of Toyota, etc.  
2.  How can I make the payment for your package?

I tried to purchase your package via paypal but encountered a problem, whenever I click on the “buy now” button an get an error.

3. Is there any negative impact on my future application in case any one of the above-mentioned  failed?

Your prompt reply will be sincerely appreciated!

From your description, you may have a good chance in either of the two categories. Generally EB1a is harder however if you prepare your application carefully there is a good chance.
If your I-140 application is denied, you can always reapply and the new I-140 application is given the attention of a fresh application. So a denial would not directly affect the outcome of future applications.
Please fill in all the fields and try the purchase button again.
best of luck
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