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Should all recommendation letters focus on the same topic?


Thank you very much for putting all great information. I was thinking to use attorney to process my green card application but my friend showed your website and convinced me to apply by myself. After checking with some attorney and friends, I decided to apply to NIW.
My study field is genetics (I got PhD in evolutionary behavior field though) but my topics is wide spread from HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) to wild animal conservation. One friend (she applied for both EB1a  and NIW) told me each recommendation letter should focus on different topics, for example one person should write about HIV and another person should write about wild animal conservation genetics. I have finished drafting three recommendation letters at this moment and I focused on more mentioning about HIV study for the letter from the person who is working at NIH and I focused on wild animal conservation topics for the letter from the person who is working at wild animal conservation grant office. Then I showed these letters to some friend (she applied for NIW) and she told me my letters should consistently focus on only one topic. Thus I got confused now. Should I spread different topics for each recommendation letter or just focus on some topic?
Also I wonder if you would have service to check the application documents (memorandum and recommendation letters) and correct or suggest advice. If so, how much will it cost?
Thank you very much for your time and best regards,
It is ok if some letters focus only on one topic. However you would want other to be general covering more topics as well. You can see some example petition letters in our self-petition packet. They cover a scenario with an applicant with expertise in several fields but that in someway related.
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