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EB1A with single evidence


I have now published my book and it is available internationally, at Amazon and other online book stores.  It is called “Rumi on Change by Love and Reason”. My book is an original book, because I have presented  Rumi’s teachings (he was a 13th Century Persian philosopher, poet, mystic and gnostic) have never been applied in this way, to create a practical means to change.  In my book I have combined Rumi’s teachings with modern psychological methods and produced Rumi Therapy.
My intention is to apply for an EB1A VISA to United States. I would like to have your advice as to what other evidence or documents I should gather in order to do so.  In particular, I wanted to ascertain if it would be sufficient for me to show:
1. My book was reviewed in a reputable Magazine or News Paper
2. A seminar or lecture about the book was held in a reputable/relevant place of learning
4. A record of sale obtained from publishers
You can try applying in the EB1a category. Normally uscis requires 3 out of ten criteria to be met under eb1a. However they do have exceptions when there is significant one one-time achievement.
Do you intend to use the book, and its impact alone as an evidence for the EB1a application? It may be possible to do so and the evidence that you suggests seems appropriate. However, we do not have specific experience with such EB1a cases utilizing single evidence.
Our example packets focus on meeting multiple criteria (3 or more) required under EB1a. You can find commonly asked questions in this approach at the following link.
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