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Birth certificate during I-485 application



Thank you so much for sending me the “do it yourself” packet (C549). It was of immense help.

My I-140 for both EB1 and EB2 cases are approved.

I was going through the document list required for the next step and found original birth certificate and immunization records essential. I do not have and never had a birth certificate and immunization records.
Please advice me on this. I heard something like affidavit etc. but not very clear. Please help me. I am going for consular processing.
I will definitely recommend greencardforphd “do it yourself” packet to all my friends and colleagues aspiring for a GC.
Hearty congratulations on your approval of both EB1A and NIW. This is wonderful news. We are very happy to hear that our packets were helpful.
One of us was in the same situation and we did the following: We got notarized affidavits one signed by mother and another by  father. Please see attachment for an example. It is a statement signed on a document that is signed by a notary official. USCIS accepted this as a proof. Some applicants use the photocopies of passport. However, in some countries it is not considered as an official birth certificate.
Hope this helps. Wishing you all  the best in your endeavors.
Best of luck
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