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Question: Can I apply?

Published Dec 21,2009 By GCforPhD
Dear Sir,
This is xxxx,i have few Queries for you.I just wanted to know whether i can apply for greencard,i am doing my Phd in computer Science.So i was just wondering whether i cn do it or not.
I request u to plz send me the details regarding that.
Most people ask this question. The answer is you can self petition in niw or eb1. (Eb1a if you have exceptional research record and NIW if your research is in national interest). In general most research ( whether you are aware or not) is generally in the us national interest since it is driven and funded by an agency that is directing research in the us national interest. The best approach is to familiarize yourself with the uscis criteria for these categories and read some example petitions. This should give you an idea as to whether you qualify, how to and what it takes to prepare a successful petition. Initially if you feel that you do not satisfy the uscis criteria, then you can at least work towards building it as you do your phd, so that you can apply at a later date.

We suggest you look at the FAQ and free ebook on our web site. Example petitions will be helpful if you plan on preparing a petition.

Best of luck
Green card for phd team

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14 years ago


I completed my Ph.D(composite materials / metallurgy) in 1999 and I joined in software firm immediately. But, still 2004 (Presented paper in Chicago Intl.Conf (2004) I was actively involved in my research too along with my computer work. I have totally 14 pubilications (both national and international). Should I apply now for NIW or EB1? Can you please let me?

14 years ago
Reply to  Raja

As you probably already know, many things determine which is the best category for you, not just the number of publications. Depending on the quality of publications, significance of your research area and importance of your work, EB1A or EB2-NIW can be options. We believe looking at some example petitions and USCIS criteria, you can best judge of your situation. A lot depends on how the petition is prepared and what arguments are presented. We suggest you to look at some example petitions to decide the best for you. Also more information can be found in the FAQ on the same website.

Best of luck.

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