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Questions about adjustments to the I-140


We have applied for the EB1A but after serious consideration we realized our chances would be better with the EB2-NIW. So when we applied for the NIW, we had to say that we had already applied for a I-140 before, and since we haven’t got an answer for it at the moment, that’s specifically what we said in the petition (that no answer have been given at that moment). A couple months later, we received an RFE for the EB1A and decided to drop the case, so it was denied on the basis as if we have forfeited it.… Continue reading

Question regarding filing EB-2NIW after filing EB-1A

Hello. I have applied for a GC in the EB-1A category, and have received an RFE. I’m currently gathering more evidence to try and address their concerns. However, I decided that since the NIW is, in theory, an easier way to get a GC, that I should also file a NIW petition.

My question is, in the part 4 of the I-140, number 6, it is asked if “has any immigrant petition ever been filed by or on behalf of this person?”. Now, since I already have an EB-1A petition pending, I’m sure the answer is obviously yes. But the… Continue reading



I have an I140 pending already where my lawyer did a mistake of filing it in EB2 masters instead of EB2 bachelors +5years experience. Kindly advice what would be my status of I140.
Also during the process of pending I140 from the same employer can i go ahead and apply for new I140 from same employer if my Perm got approved.
Kindly advice me.

Thank You,