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Postdoctoral researcher trying to decide EB2-NIW or EB1A.



 I am a post-doctoral research associate at University of Washington, Seattle. I have a few questions regarding the green card applications.
1) Do I qualify for a EB1-A application. I am attaching my resume in this email. If I qualify, how long would it take.
2) If I apply under NIW, how long would it take to get I140 and how long would it take to get I485 approved in my case (an Indian citizen)
3) I am currently in academics. Can I find a job in industry after I-140 approval?  Would… Continue reading

Applied for EB1A. Should I apply for J1 or H1B?


A quick question regarding my present situation. I did apply for EB1A (green card) about 3.5 months ago which is currently under review. Now I’ve been working as a Post Doc and my extended OPT is ending on 14th January. So, I wanted to apply for J1 in the mean time but our university international center is advising us that if I submit it now, then J1 would be denied because that’s a non-immigration visa. But my understanding is that J1 takes about suppose 2 months to process and by then I probably will get the green card… Continue reading

Do I need to have reached the highest position in my career to be eligible to apply in EB1A category?


I am currently getting ready for an NIW application because my attorney said that I won’t be able to apply for EB-1A as a postdoc. For EB1A, they told me that they need to substantiate that I reached the highest profession in my career. Is this 100% true? In your site, I did not see anything like that. Otherwise I have 5 first author publications, about 25 citations and 3 review invitations. Will this qualify me for EB1A? If I qualify, I want to do it by myself in EB1A.


It is not necessary that you substantiate that… Continue reading