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Will my profile be eligible for EB1 category

Hi There,

I am a PhD from University of Georgia and currently a postdoc at UCLA . I have 14 publications, and 215 citations. I have am a reviewer for stroke association, and have reviwed papers in PLOSone and Frontiers. I have more than 40 presentations so far. I can possibly get 8 or more references. Please suggest if I may be eligible for EB1 category of filing the green card?


One Response to Will my profile be eligible for EB1 category

  • GCforPhD says:

    Hi Roshini

    From your details you can satisfy the 3 out of 10 statutory EB1A criteria. In addition you would need to show you are one of the top researchers in your filed and you have sustained national and international acclaim (your citations can help here). Please see the EB1A link for more details. There is a good chance you will be succeed in EB1a.

    Best wishes

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