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Can I self sponsor?

Published Dec 12,2009 By GCforPhD


I have complete my PHD in Astrophysics from India. At present I am in US with my Husband on L2 visa.

Wanted to check with you if I can self sponsor my green card or what is the best way to proceed.

I would appreciate your help and guidance.


Self petitioning (no employer sponsorship is needed) is possible in EB1A or EB2-NIW. And you can apply on your own (by your self or using a lawyer) in these categories. From your short description, it is hard for to judge which category is best for you. Also we do not provide legal advice. So we generally let you decide on whether you should apply and what is the best suited category for you. In general we have found that if a phd collects all the publications, awards, various efforts along his/her phd and during his/her work experience, they may collectively be sufficient evidence for a NIW (most cases) or EB1A (some cases) self-petition. We suggest you look at the USCIS criteria and some example petitions (from us or else where).

Usually i-140 approvals are quick (generally few months and rarely a year). Processing time for I-485 depends on your country of origin and applied category (EB1 or EB2). If the priority dates are current it can be a few months otherwise longer. Please looks at the current visa bulletin to see the visa number availability.
Best of luck

Green card for phs team

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