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If I drop out of Phd program, can I still apply for a Green Card?

Published Mar 31,2013 By GCforPhD


I am on F1 visa enrolled in a PhD program from Fall 2008.I have to enroll only thesis credit hours (10 credit hrs. remained only).  I do not have any classes to attend now

I have completed 65 cr. hours out of 75 cr. hours

Presently I am working on OPT from last 6 Months. My h1 b file this month

I am trying to finish my PhD in a next one year. But not sure.

If I can’t finish my PhD study due to some complex research problem

1. Can I file for (me & my family)   EB2-NIW for incomplete  PhD study?



EB2-NIW can be filed by anyone who satisfies the USCIS requirements for national interest. PhD is not really a USCIS requirement. Our website and example packets are designed for PhDs because during the course of their work they satisfy a many of USCIS requirements.

So the short answer is you could file as long as you satisfy these requirements.

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