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Request for the Molecular biology material package


I have recently purchased the NIW DIY package form your company. My receipt number is Receipt number: 8HV53159W8764253S.
May i please request you provide me the recent example of NIW (molecular biology) from India.The example i got in my package is from Optics and space engineering which is unrelated to my petition. It is difficult for me to understand the optics language and convert it into my molecular biology field as i have to write the recommendation letters also. Therefore i need package from biology field.
Please help me with my problem.
Thank you very much for your kind help and valuable time.
Kind regards
Dabbu JAijyan

One Response to Request for the Molecular biology material package

  • GCforPhD says:

    Dear Dabbu Jaijyan

    Area specific packages are not necessary as you would not be able to use the technical or area specific content of the package directly in your petition. In general you would not need any more information than provided in the packet you purchased. Please note that each petitioner situation is unique and you would have to write your own letters that are unique to your situation.

    The framework provided in the petition packet would be equally applicable to your specific field. Hundreds of applicants from different area have successfully obtained their green-cards using these packets.

    However if you feel you still need some help with your recommendation letters, we have emailed you some examples in the field of bio-medicine.

    Feel free to contact us if you have an further questions.

    Best wishes

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