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I have a PhD in medical statistics and MBA from UK. I have 2 articles published (both, not first author, given that I work in applied statistics, this is very common), but nearly 100 citations over the past 8 years.  

Worked as a researcher for over 3 years (1 year 7 months for a university as Research Fellow and 2 years in an industry) in UK on applied statistics. Currently in US on L1A visa. Working with Rutgers as a research associate and can get very good recommendations from them.

What is the likelihood of getting EB1A approved?


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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    It is hard to make an assessment based on these figures. Being the first author with a lot of citations makes it easier to prove that the candidate satisfies the USCIS requirements. There are successful cases with only a few publications – the importance of these publications has to be confirmed by the reference letters. Being an author of two absolutely stellar publications is better than having many not well recognized ones. Please take into account that reference letters from unbiased researchers have a larger weight comparing to the letters from collaborators.

    If, by any chance, you were not born in India, then, in my opinion, pursuing EB2-NIW might make more sense in your case, especially taking into account that you are involved in medical research.

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