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Assistant Professor on B1/B2. Can I self-petition?

Dear Sir/Madam

I am PhD holder  from  the low-income country. I did my PhD from Sweden and working as an academician in my home country. I have  published more than 15 papers in peer reviewed and  impact factor journals. I have several years of research and teaching  experiences. My US visa B1/B2 category. Now , i am interested to apply for green-card for PhD. 

3 Responses to Assistant Professor on B1/B2. Can I self-petition?

  • GCforPhD says:


    You can try ether the NIW or EB1a self-petition categories. We suggest you look at the above links that explain the USCIS requirements for each of the category. Also for each of those you will find more information on the corresponding page left-side menu links that explain how to judge your case and what would be necessary to prepare a petition. You can also use our DIY packets with one actual approved petition and recommendation letters that guide you to prepare a petition. If you have questions, contact us using the email in the contact page.

    Best wishes

  • Sas says:

    I finished my bachelor in India and did master degree in Germany and completed my PhD in UK. Currently i am working as Lecturer for past 1year (i.e permanent job) in UK. I have 10+ Journal papers with good impact factors, 20+ conference papers and 5+ invited talks.
    Am i eligible to apply for NIW or EB1a self-petition categories from outside USA (i.e from UK).
    I like to get your advise and guidance regarding it.

    • GCforPhD says:

      Your background looks good in general. You might be able to apply in either one of two categories. However eb1a is generally considered to be tough. In the eb1a category USCIS also expects you to prove that you are internationally recognized and there is sustained interest in your work. If you have a lot of citations for your work, typically 60 or more, then you would consider applying for eb1a. You would also need several recommendation letter stating that your work is in the exceptional category and national interest (for niw) or in the extraordinary category (eb1a).

      Green card application is applied in two stages. The first stage is high 140 petition which is primarily applied by you. In this application you should also include your family members as dependent applicants. The next stage is I485 adjustment of status which is I 485 this is applied separately for each individual family members. Since you are not in the US you will not be applying for adjustment of status but rather what is referred to as consular processing. USCIS will send you information on how to apply for the reminder of consular processing for each of the family member. You would request consular processing in the I 140 application.

      The cost of application includes I 140 application fee, application fee for consular processing for each family member biometric fee for each family member. You can find the fee schedule for these applications on the USCIS website. If you need any further details of the fees or the exact amount please let us know.

      From your email we understand that you are from India. If you’re born in India, then there is a long waiting list for the permanent residency visas in the NIW category. However the Eb1a category is current, meaning you will be able to apply and receive and decision within typically 6 months to 1 year.

      Our website has more information on the eb1a and NIW categories. How about self petition example packet can help you guide through the application process.

      Let us know if you have any further questions.

      Best wishes

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