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I-140 Priority date not maintained from previous EB2 filing

I just noticed that Priority date on I-140 approval notice is based on this petition filing but didn’t retain my priority date from previous approved I-140 under EB2

When I filed for I-140 under EB1A, I mentioned in the form that previously PR was filed and I have approved I-140 under that and submitetd copy of approved I-140.

HOW can I get Priority date corrected?


3 Responses to I-140 Priority date not maintained from previous EB2 filing

    • Vishal Gupta says:

      Yes That’s True Priority date is current for EB1, but just in case in future if they put some restriction on current dates on EB1 as well, for e.g. towards the end of last year for 2-3 months, they showed EB1 current date also Jan, 2010

      • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

        Yes, this happened last year, which was an anomaly, however, the priority dates are known in advance, so you will know if you are eligible at the time of filing I-485. If you want to correct the date on the approval notice, then you can call the USCIS customer service, explaining the situation, and they will give you a fax number, where you will send the copies of you approval documents. It seems to normally take 2-4 weeks to correct it.

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