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How important is review work and citations


I have 5 publications and about >10 conference presentations/proceedings. In addition I have awards and fellowship from a National Lab. But I only have about 10 citations since my papers are all recently published and I have not done any review work for journals, but I have been a judge at an international conference.

In your opinion do I have enough for EB1A? All the posts here seem to be focused on review work and citations and I was wondering how important that aspect is in the application. Additionally, I am confident I would be able to get 6-8 recommendation letters (national and international).
Thanks a lot for your help.

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  • GCforPhD says:

    HI Rohan

    Journal review work is important but if you do not have it it is still ok. USCIS EB1A requirement is looking for “Evidence that you have been asked to judge the work of others, either individually or on a panel”, which doesn’t necessarily have to be journal review. So you can use conference judge as evidence.

    Citations can show two things: 1) your work is important to the field and 2) there is sustained interest in your work. Obviously iof your publications are new there would’nt be many citations and it is understandable. In this case you would get references that describe the importance of your work. And you would have to come up with some other evidence to show that there is sustained interest in your work.

    EB1A may be possible depending on how rest of the evidence is in your case.

    Best wishes

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