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MBA student planning ahead for a green card application


I am a student doing my MBA from one of the leading MBA colleges in India. I am planning to go for PhD in marketing from a US university and then become a Marketing professor. I have just joined my college (MBA degree) and right now I do not have any publications under me. From your blog post, I selected 3 criterias out of the 10 for EB1A petition which I need to do the following:
  1. Publish research materials in major publications
  2. Be a judge of work of others in marketing field
  3. Make major scholarly contributions in the field of marketing.
How should I plan from here to make myself be in a position so that I could get green card after my PhD using the above 3? Also, if I want to get through the EB2 (NIW) criteria, I do not know how a marketing professor’s work fall under the NIW criteria.
Please suggest a list of things which I should start doing now on.
Thanks. Hoping to hear from you.
It is a good idea to plan ahead for your GC application. Most times three criteria you listed are met by publishing very high quality research in high impact factor journals. In order to be a judge of others, contacts you build during conferences and your advisors can help you to be a reviewer of journal publications. 
As you perform your research you will find how your work will help US national interests. Generally funded by US govt has some national interest. 
When you think it is appropriate, we suggest you look at our example petitions so that you can plan your application better. 


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