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MBA trying to apply in EB2 NIW



Recently while working on my research what option I have for moving to USA, I understood that apart from obvious H1B visa and Green card lottery I might entitle for EB2 NIW category. Let me briefly describe my situation.
I was born and raised in Slovakia, but currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. As for my educational and academic background I hold bachelor of science degree in Corporate Finance (recognized by European countries) and I as well hold MBA degree from Chapman University, California, USA. Most of my professional life I work in managerial role (Project Management, Programme Management) for blue-chip, international companies and my work is recognized by clients across several continents (attached you can see my professional resume).
I am married and my wife is as well holding masters degree in economics and law, and MBA degree from Czech academic institution.
We are having one child, 3 month old baby boy.
Apart from my family situation I believe holding of academic degree from US university and my work being recognized by clients from various corners of world makes me very valuable candidate and therefore I would like to pursue way of EB2 NIW.
What I would like to discuss with you is not only process itself (I-140 and related, I-485 and related, cover letter, all recommendation letters, academic background paperwork) but also the way how you work with applicants, what is fee structure applicable to me, how we eventually might get on and start work on the paperwork, and what might be expected time lines (as far as I know there is no priority processing for I-140).
I will be certainly looking forward to hearing from you soon. If possible, short Skype or phone call would be much appreciated.
There were at least two MBAs who used our packet successfully. It may be possible to do a NIW case, yo would have to make a careful list so that you satify 3 of the following exceptional ability criteria. In addition you need to show 3 conditions for NIW detailed below.
Exceptional Ability Criteria
In order to show exceptional ability you must meet three of the following regulatory seven criteria.
(1) Official academic record showing that you have a degree, diploma, certificate, or similar award from a college, university, school, or other institution of learning relating to your area of exceptional ability
(2) Letters documenting at least 10 years of full-time experience in your occupation
(3) A license to practice your profession or certification for your profession or occupation
(4) Evidence that you have commanded a salary or other remuneration for services that demonstrates your exceptional ability
(5) Membership in a professional association(s)
(6) Recognition for your achievements and significant contributions to your industry or field by your peers, government entities, professional or business organizations
(7) Other comparable evidence of eligibility is also acceptable.
National interest conditions:
1. the benefits from your employment will be national in scope.
2. your work is in an area of substantial intrinsic merit and important to the national interests of the United States.
3. the significant benefit derived from your participation in the national interest field of endeavor considerably outweighs the inherent national interest in protecting U.S. workers through the labor certification process.
We do not provide any legal services apart from self-help packets that help you in this process. As a courtesy we answer questions by emails. Our packet example is based on an engineering phd but the approach has been used by many other fields. You can buy them at
I hope this information is useful.
Best of luck
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