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Ph.D. Student Applying for EB-1A

Published Feb 19,2018 By Sohail


I am currently a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering student from India in my final year at a university in US. I have my B.Sc and M.Sc also from US universities. I wanted to know if I can make a strong case / satisfy requirement for EB1-A. My achievements are:

  1. Nine journal papers (six as first author, two invited papers) with six more coming this year
  2. 16 conference papers (2 invited papers)
  3. 69 total citations
  4. Member of three engineering societies (one honor society)
  5. Editor of a fairly new journal
  6. Reviewed 10 papers for five different journals
  7. Won first place at three international competitions held by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  8. Awarded student member of the year by American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  9. Masters and Ph.D. work was funded by DARPA, US Department of Energy and NASA
  10. Appearances in two ASME magazines
  11. My work was in articles on various companies’ website

My worry is that all of my qualifications are from school and I have no industry experience. What are my chances for a successful petition for EB1A.


Thank you!

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Tigran Kalaydzhyan
Tigran Kalaydzhyan
6 years ago

Hi Sohail,

No industry experience is required for EB1A. Your credentials look good and you should be able to satisfy 3 out of 10 USCIS criteria (see the link below): contribution of major significance, published papers, being a judge of others. The main concern in your case would be the wide national/international acclaim, because the number of citations you have may create obstacles in proving this point. The logical course of action would be to wait until your receive PhD, which will give more weight to your case and you will also accumulate more citations and papers by that time.

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