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Can a DMA student apply for green card



To whom it may concern.

I recently I found your website it looks wonderful!
And I have a question about my situation.
I’m currently a DMA student at the University of North Texas.
My field is music performance, and DMA is same degree level as Phd.
My question is even though it’s a same level of degree but obviously we have a different name of the degree. Am I still eligible to apply for this case?
Please let me know you can reply to this email address or if you do have an office I could visit there to meet an advisor.
Thank you so much,  hope it will work!
Have a wonderful day~!
Self-petitioners in EB1a or EB2-NIW can be from any field or work. The key is to make sure you have evidence that satisfies the USCIS criteria in these categories. Self-petitioners need to satisfy 3 out of ten or so criteria. Depending on EB1a or NIW there a few other conditions. You can certainly apply and be successful. For commonly asked questions on the application process you can read the free ebook.
We have example self-petition packets on our website. However these are primarily in the STEM field and tuned for Phds who have publications, citations, who write proposals, do conference talks, other invited presentations and references from renowned people in the field etc. If you wish and feel it may be relevant you can try and adapt these for your purpose.
Best of luck
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