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Visa Bulletin for June 2012

Published May 15,2012 By GCforPhD

Detailed Bulletin

Summary of Visa Bulletin Relevant to EB1A and NIW

  1. EB1 is current for all countries
  2. EB2 is current for all countries except for India and China.  EB2 cut-off dates for India and China are “unavailable” (meaning retrogressed).
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12 years ago

I am new to green card processing and is trying to understand all the things, through your site I have been able to gain significant understanding and now know that I can self apply under EB2 category. However, you have mentioned that cutoff date is not available for EB2. What do you mean by that? is that one can not apply for EB2 or something else? I am from India so your message above applies to me for EB2. Thanks.

11 years ago
Reply to  akash

Hi Akash

The dates referred to in the visa bulletin are the cut-off for the priority dates. When the cut-off dates are “U” (unavailable), the dates are retrogressed. This means the visa numbers for this category are currently unavailable and the USCIS is not accepting any i-485 applications until they become available in the future again. For example if you see the July 2012 visa bulletin, you will notice that the numbers are unavailable for India and China. However for Mexico and Philippine nationals, applicant with priority date on or before 01 Jan 09 are eligible to apply.

You can also see our free e-book for more information.

Self help packets

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