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Published Jul 25,2009 By GCforPhD


I live in Chicago, US. I have done one Master’s from
India and I came in Jan 2008. I have done one Master’s from here in
Embedded Software Eng.

I want to go for Phd Program and later want to apply for Green Card. I
just wanted to know which field is applicable to apply for Green card
after Phd. and in Phd what are the things you need to do so that u
will qualify for that quota?


Currently there is a bill introduced in the congress which should allow Phd to get a green card easily.  This bill talks about green cards to Phds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees. Please see the link to get more info.

However, as of today there is no special quota for Phds to get a Green card. In general Phd tend to satisfy most of the criteria needed for EB1A or EB2-NIW categories. Therefore, we have been suggesting users to make use of these categories to apply for their green card. The main advantage is that this approach does not need sponsorship from an employer.

If you are starting your Phd now. It is likely congress would have reached a decision on bill when you are ready to apply for a green card. If some one does a degree in the STEM fields they can avail the advantage of the bill if it gets passed, otherwise they will still be able to apply for a green card the traditional way.

we wish you all the best in your pursuits.

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