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Applying for I-485 while i-140 is pending

We previously had few email iterations, and eventually I ended up doing my I-140 through an attorney. Long story short, after my H1-B got approved, my employer had to relocate me in Nebraska. As I was based in New York and my wife started schooling, this completely messed our planning. With my work schedule and everything around, I had to go through the same attorney who did my H1-B.

I am seeking EB2-NIW and my application was received by USCIS on the 13th of May. I got the notification to verify my birthdate and etc. I asked my attorney to respond, and… Continue reading

OPT, H1B and Green Card


Dear GCforPhD team,

I was very happy to see your website. The information there is very important for people like me to get started. I have a specific question related to my situation. Hopefully you guys have an answer for me.

A brief intro to my background, and some questions during that process.

- I graduated with my PhD from University of ——– in 2012 December. Afterwards I was with the same advisor for another five months (with OPT) until I landed on a job. Now I am a postdoctoral research fellow with ———– University working for the xxxxxx  experiment… Continue reading

Visa Bulletin for June 2014

Detailed Bulletin

Summary of Visa Bulletin Relevant to EB1A and NIW

EB1a and EB2 NIW cut off dates are mentioned below

1. EB1 is current for all countries

2. EB2 cutoff date for China is 22 May 09, for India 15 Nov 04 and current for other countries.


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