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Student 15 publications applying for green card

Published Oct 2,2017 By GCforPhD


Dear Sir,

I am a PhD student of University of Texas at Arlington. I have done masters  in Malaysia. I have got few publications based on  my masters work. I have got around 15 publications in journal and conferences. The papers have been cited 190 times according to google scholar. H index 7 and I-10 index 7. Do you think I can apply for green card now? I didn’t get any publication as of now from my PhD work. Will it hurt my green card application? 

 For your information I have just completed 1st year of my PhD. 

 Looking forward for your reply.

 Thank you!



Your publication record looks good. There is a chance you can do EB1a or NIW. To make correct suggestions, we need more information about your case. Please look at the criteria for EB1a and NIW and make a list of evidence you can put together. You can email it to us (or for faster response post it on the web at this link) for review.  
If you need details of the application process you can see one of our example packets

Best Wishes
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Self help packets

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