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Regarding I-485 for spouse based on approved I-140 NIW


I am filing i-485 for my wife and I based an approved I-140 of mine. I am confused as what category to choose for my wife in part 2 of application. I chose “alien worker, form i-140” for my self, but don’t know what applies to my wife as a derivative applicant. Apprecite any insight!


I-485 Application for Adjustment of Status for Spouse

Dear Greencard for Phd Team,

First of all, thank you for the valuable package. My I-140 petition has been accepted.

Now I’m preparing for filing a form I-485.

I have a questions about I-485 application for adjustment of status for spouse.

My spouse’s status is O3, and she doesn’t have working permission in the U.S.

Should we include the form I-134 Affidavit of Support and  bank statement of the sponsor (I guess the sponsor is me) in the application?

Thank you for your help.





Applying category on the form I-765

I filled I-140 with premium processing service and am currently preparing for filling I-485 (separately).
I have a question about the latest form I-765.
According to the filled I-765 in the package, my eligibility should be on (c)(9), Adjustment Applicant.
However, (c)(35),Principal Beneficiary of an Approved Employment-based Immigrant Petition Facing Compelling Circumstances, seems also to be a category in which I am eligible.
Which one is the right category in which I am eligible?