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Dear Sir / Madam ,

My spouse ( Shriya ) has done her PhD in Foods & Nutrition and I have done MBA.

Can we qualify in any VISA category for US ?

Please let me know.


Shriya & Ankit



I am a Spanish postdoc starting my 5th year Postdoc period on a J-1 VISA  (my Postdoc period will be done by Sept-2018, although my VISA expires on year 2020). I want to apply for the Green Card in this year and want to know what are the requirements that I need to be successful in the application. 

I will be working at Cedars Sinai, in LA. So I want to know which contacts/goals/needs I have to accomplish in order to get the GC with more probabilities of having it accepted.

Which packages of the purchase List on your… Continue reading

Green card for F1 visa

Dear All

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science/Cyber-Security, I am expecting to finish my degree in 2020, I already have a Master with honor degree in computer science and I have many publications and work experience as security specialist for 3 three years, My question is, Can I apply for green card while I am a Ph.D. Student or I have to wait for having the Ph.D. degree?