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Published Mar 18,2021 By Santosh Kumar


I have just started my Phd Last year in USA. I have started exploring options for green card and landed at your website. I found the information really helpful and planning to buy your services as I progress through my Phd and have some research paper published.

My US university is very low ranked university so I am not sure about the quality of Paper that I would publish 2-3 year down the line.

My Questions:

  1. How important is the quality of paper that one publishes for green card applications?
  2. Also my professor might not be that popular in the field so how important is the quality of recommendations?
  3. Does the ranking of University can also affect the applications?
  4. Assumptions: I can get 6 papers published and can get the required recommendations and maintain high GPA like 4.0.


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3 years ago

Hi Santosh,

1,3. Ranking of the university is not very relevant – it is much more important that your work impacted the field you are working in.
2. Recommendations of people with whom you did not work directly carry more weight than of your supervisor.
4. If you have very few papers, it is instrumental to demonstrate that you contribution to those papers is major or even leading. Your GPA is not important, because you will have to show that your achievements are significant compared to your science peers, but not other students in the same university.

Hope this helps.

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