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Published Jul 21,2018 By Emmanuel Mapesa


I have read much of the info on your website and I am excited at the prospects of self-petitioning. I am starting to prepare myself for the same. I will need to buy your “how-to” package, which I ma certain is a good guide.

Just for my planning purposes, I would like to know a small detail about letters of recommendation, so I know the time frame in which I will work. HOW OLD CAN A LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION BE? Hope you understand my question. I mean, if I got a letter in July 2018, for instance, but actually used it in April 2019 (for example, again), would that be an issue?



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Tigran Kalaydzhyan
Tigran Kalaydzhyan
5 years ago

Hi Emmanuel,

There is no expiration date for reference letters. You should be able to still use them after a year or two. I can see a problem of using the letters after many years passed, however, if you apply for EB1A. EB1A assumes sustained acclaim, which by itself requires the acclaim being relatively recent.

Self help packets

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