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J1 and Green card application

Published Apr 10,2011 By GCforPhD


J1 status holder can apply for EB1 and/or NIW? Please can you give me deatil information about.


Yes you can self-petition your i-140 in EB1A or EB2 NIW. You can find more information in the free ebook

However, before you apply for change of status (i-485), you should have obtained a wavier or have satisfied your home country requirements related to J1 visa.

Best of luck

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13 years ago


I have BS in chemistry. I received my MS in chemistry from USA and my PhD in chemistry from south Korea. I have published 10 scientific papers.

Would you please help me to know if I can apply for green card?

Should I come to USA for a post doc and then apply or I can apply it while I am in south Korea?

Please give me your advice.


12 years ago
Reply to  Kim

There are two self-petition categories where petitioners of any nationality can self-petition for a GC provided they satisfy the criteria set by uscis. The two categories are EB1a and Eb2-niw. You can review the criteria for these categories to see if you are eligible. A petitioner need not be residing in the US during the application.

Also looking at some example petition packets may be helpful to see how you can prepare a self-petition.

Best of luck

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