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Post doctoral fellow


I am a postdoctoral fellow and preparing for O1 visa petition and would like to take advantage of your DIY package for EB1A. Would appreciate answer to following questions before I make a purchase:

1- If I first purchase only the “How to guides” and then decide to go for whole “DIY” package, can I expect adjustment to the price on DIY purchase as I understand DIY package includes materials from “how to guide”

2- Can DIY package for EB1A be used as a guide for O1 Visa application as well? or you offer different DIY package for O1 visa.

Thank you

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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Dear Mallick,

    1. I would recommend to purchase the full DIY packet, because it has some essential documents you will need. Please ask my colleagues by email greencardforphd [at] if you have any questions about the pricing.

    2. Formally, the criteria for O1 are similar to EB1A, so you can use the packet in the most parts. However, there are differences that we do not explain there and it is the duty of your prospective employer to prepare the case (you cannot self-petition for O1). We do not offer manuals for O1.

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