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EB1A filing while Unemployed

I received PhD from US university. 

Have total 6 publications, 10 conference presentations, 155 citations. Judged approx 45 papers. I was a postdoctoral fellow, and unemployed for 1 year because of H1B visa issues. Currently I am on O3 visa in US. I have 2 manuscripts under review. I want to do self petition.

I know job offer is not required to file under EB1A category, but can someone tell me how strong is my case?

I was told to save any correspondences with potential or interested employers and provide a sworn statement regarding my plan to work in the US in my field of expertise when filing your I-140 case.  I would greatly appreciate if you can guide me how to document these or if you have any templates? Are there any other documents I need to supplement with to make my case strong? Thanks


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