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What are my chances of EB-1A

Can someone please tell me what are my chances under EB-1A?

PhD degree from US (Tier-1 University in 2010) and currently research scientist at top-3 university.
18 Journal publications (1 Nature, 1 Science, 2 PNAS and all others in top nanotech journals). 7 were first author including the nature and the science (in press).
>30 conference presentations (16 invited)
Total citations ~1200 right now
Best thesis award, few best poster/presentation award and a recent named early career award.
9 Recommendation letter writer (1 national medal winner, a couple are Mcarthur award winners, 1 CEO of startup I consult for, 1 letter writer from Germany and others are professors in top-10 universities)
A few internet and print articles about one of my papers. One of my articles was cover art of the journal
I have also done a total of 9 review work.

My main worry is that I did my Phd in one field (bulk of citation from that work) and now am working in tangentially related field (the nature/science are from this field but they are <1 year old so haven’t accrued enough citation). Also, I don’t have a whole bunch of recommendation from professors who are outside the US

Thanks in advance

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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Ash,

    You have very strong credentials for preparing a successful EB1A case. Our DIY-packets will help you in formalizing details. Think of a possibility of naming your field in a way that embraces both pre- and post-PhD work. Please feel free to ask more questions in this thread.

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