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EB1A not current for Indians anymore?

Hi, I just recently came across this online so wanted to just confirm here. is it true that even after EB1A the priority dates are not current anymore for Indians and chinese. it is January 2012? so does that mean no more fast green card and EADs?

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  • Suranjana Bose says:

    This is regarding EB1A priority dates being not current anymore for Indians and Chinese. The visa year starts from October1st. For Indians, What is the number that is issued every visa year for the EB1A to Green card? How long is the backlog? Even if the petition gets approved this year what is the time period that one has to wait for the change of status to green card?

    • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

      Hi Suranjana,

      If I understand your question correctly, there is a maximum of 7% of employment-based green cards that can be issued to the nationals of one country. I do not know current figures, but you can check the statistics relevant to India by 2015 (first link below). Situation with EB1A being not current for Indian nationals took place in Aug and Sep of last year, but was temporary. It makes sense to expect the priority dates to return to current in a couple of months this year as well. Please have a look at the second link below in the next few days to check the priority dates for September.

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