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How much does the institute matter for postdoc to apply the green card?


I am working as postdoc in NIH funded projects at low-ranked university. My research topics are related with diseases such as cancer and diabetes (computational structural biology). I have around 10 publications (~40 citations) from my PhD, 2 scholarships, 3 fellowships (university), 1 research grant 40k as PI. Since I did my PhD outside of USA, all my achievements are from foreign countries. I am interested to apply for green card. My question is how much the university ranking matters in green card approval? At same time, do they count the achievement obtained outside of USA?




One Response to How much does the institute matter for postdoc to apply the green card?

  • GCforPhD says:

    If you were in a good ranking university it adds to your evidence and credibility. However if you are not it wont negatively impact your overall chances of green card success. We have seen applicants from Universities with all types of ranks to obtain a GC. In your application you should emphasize evidence that supports the key evidence USCIS is looking for.

    Being a PI on a research grant is a big plus in your application.

    Best wishes

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