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F1 student with EAD in hand (from concurent NIW EB@ application) can work off-campus part-time unrelated job

Hello guys, 

I am on F1 student visa and just applied concurrently for all NIW EB2 form and just received my EAD combo card. 

The question I have from you is given below? 

I need to work off campus part time (like at CVS, Walmart, etc.) due to my financial difficulty.(considering the fact that I work for my department as a TA as well for 20hrs per week). Does my part time job off campus(using EAD) jeoparadize my I485 application(if all goes well after I get my I140 approved. Attorney has guranteed my approval based on my credentials). 

I very much appreciate your advice, 


2 Responses to F1 student with EAD in hand (from concurent NIW EB@ application) can work off-campus part-time unrelated job

  • GCforPhD says:


    We assume you are using the EAD from EB2NIW application. If you are using your EAD for your TA work as well as working outside the university, then you are technically still using your EAD for employment within the scope mentioned in your EB2NIW application. Therefore your second job should not pose a problem.

    Best wishes

  • GCforPhD says:


    I am sorry. I got confused a little bit. How do I know that I am using my EAD for school? Should I report to my school about my EAD card? How should I know that what is my status in States? Any online or offline place I can check.

    Thanks a lot


    If you are using EAD obtained anywhere through green card application process then your legal status in the US is “pending adjustment of status” and you would be considered no longer in F1. If you are using EAD elsewhere you should notify your school so that they can update your status.

    If you are not using EAD anywhere your status is still F1.

    Hope this answers your question.

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