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Required number of publications

Thank-you so much for this website.

I am also having a question regarding the self-petition process. I did Ph.D in Marketing from India and currently I am in USA on H4 visa. I have only 6 publications and unfortunately in all the publications I am the second author because of the university rule but I have 9 paper presentations also. Out of the publications only 1 is in internationally approved good journal. I got one National award for NET (Junior research fellowship) and during my Ph.D I receive monthly based scholarship which lasted for 5 years. I am also having 16 months of teaching experience in university (11 months without any salary and 5 months with salary for the post of Assistant Professor).
I have been told that I am not eligible to apply for the Green card under EB1A/ EB2-NIW until I have 15 publications. I am confused whether to apply for the process of green card through EB1A/ EB2-NIW or not as with very less number of publications. Please help me to get out of this confusion that whether i am eligible or not.

Thank you

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  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Aditi,

    There is no such strict figure for the number of publications. There are successful cases with as few as 3 publications. However, in order to prepare a strong case, you have to explain how important are the results presented in such papers, with supporting recommendations of other members of the community. Having a high citations count might be an indicator of importance of the work, however, in some cases the petitioner is in the early career stage, so the paper just started accumulating them. In this case, the recommendations play an important role.
    Junior and student awards can be included in the case, however, please take into account that they do not count in the award category of the EB1A requirements. Please feel free to ask any further questions in this thread.

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