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Questions for the EB1A DIY product


1. Can I self-petition an EB-1 while my employer is applying O-1 visa for me?

2. Will I be able to use the same documentation from the O-1 visa to proof Extraordinary Ability in EB-1?

3. If I am not successful in my self-petition EB-1, could it affect future green card applications, such as via an employer?

Thank you so much for your insights!

One Response to Questions for the EB1A DIY product

  • Tigran Kalaydzhyan says:

    Hi Fariz,

    1. Yes, you can self-petition while O-1 is in preparation/pending. However, it would make sense to see if the O-1 petition is approved to recycle it for EB1A (criteria are the same).

    2. Yes.

    3. It should not affect your future green card applications unless they were denied on the basis of inaccurate representation/fraud (I assume it’s not your case).

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