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Student applying in EB2-NIW


I was surfing through web sites about applying for green card under NIW. I came across your web site and thought of dropping a mail to gain some confidence about doing so. I am currently a 4th year PhD student in chemistry. I have few publications with reasonable number of citations. in addition to that I have also completed a masters degree in chemistry in the US as well. I am attaching my resume here for your review and if you could let me know from your experience whether I will have a positive case that will be greatly appreciated.
Your resume looks good. However, from the limited information you provided, it is hard for us to judge. If you plan to apply in the EB2-NIW, you will need to make a substantial case stating why your application in the national interest. In addition to satisfying EB2 criteria, you will also need to show that your employment area has substantial  intrinsic merit and your work is important to the US national interest, and your application does not need a labor certification.
We suggest you look at some example petitions. These will help you plan to build your evidence appropriately.
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