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Masters degree and chances of EB1A application


Are you still actively doing this ? Self help for green card etc ?


Yes we are. We generally help phd petitioners with their questions. They use the self-help packets to petition on their own.


I have a masters so EB1A will be tough I guess. No PhD. Should I even try on my own using the self-help packets ?


Please take a look at the USCIS requirements for the EB1A category. For the EB1A, have a master or PhD is not one of the requirement. However most PhDs during the course of their work have significant accomplishments which can be used as evidence towards the USCIS requirements mentioned in the above link. Even with a masters degree if you have achievements that can be used as evidence towards these requirements then you can self-petition in this category. Another category of interest to self-petition applicants is EB2-NIW.

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