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Postdoctoral Associate


I’m a postdoctoral associate for about 2 years and my contract is finishing in 6 months. I have J1 visa, which I applied from UK (My PhD is from UK), although I’m a Sri Lankan citizen. My DS2019 form say that I’m not subjected to 2 years requirement (also nothing mention about the two year requirement in my J1 visa page).

  1. According to my DS form my field code is 26.0210. According to  the US.STATE.GOV site, for Sri Lankans, this sub-category is not subjected to two year requirement. But as my current work is funded by NIH, do I… Continue reading

Professor on a J1

If I am a professor working on a J1 and decide to self petitpon to a Green Card, what happens to my current visa? Can I continue working? What if they want to extend my J1 after I’ve applied for the Green Card?