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Professor on a J1

If I am a professor working on a J1 and decide to self petitpon to a Green Card, what happens to my current visa? Can I continue working? What if they want to extend my J1 after I’ve applied for the Green Card?

J1 applying for EB2-NIW

My story in nutshell:

Indian national married to Polish national. PhD from Ireland. Applied for J1 (J2 for wife as well) from Ireland. My visa and the ds2019 came with ‘Not subjected to 212e’.

Now I am 2 and 1/2 years into the visa and its time for me to move to another place. So my J1 needs to be transferred. However the issue now is that with this transfer, I am afraid that we might become subjected to the 212e rule especially because at my new place i will be funded by an US govt agency. Can you please… Continue reading