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Journal publications and green card application


I just graduated with PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering. Thinking of applying green card for a while, but I just have one published journal paper. The other one is going to be published in two months. I have three conference published abstract. My group is the only one doing the research I am working now in USA. And currently I am a post-doctoral fellow in the same group as my PhD study. What is your suggestion on my case and anything I need to do in order to make the case strong ?  Thanks in advance.




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PhD in vision computing seeking to apply green card


I read about your self petition green card application. It’s quite impressive. My brother who is finishing up his PhD in Germany is seeking a job in the US. Are there any tips to pursue green card here? Currently, he is still in Germany. His PhD is in Vision Computing. There must be tons of job opportunities for him, here in the US.  However, work permit is a big deal.

Please help!
For tips, your brother could look at the following information
  1. USCIS criteria for EB1a and EB2-NIW
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Can post-doc be considered permanent position


I would like to have some advice on whether I could qualify for a EB-2 NIW or not. I’ve read your website and I have your pdf, which have been quite interesting. Now, long story short, I am a post-doc in Novartis, and hold a French PhD on structural biochemistry. I’m here with an H-1B, but I know that Novartis do not sponsor post-doc for a green card, and it is not sure at the end there will be an open position. So to be sure, I try to get a Green card by self-sponsorship.

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